Cycle San Remo

The Riding

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All our rides are structured around the ability & wishes of the group.  If people want to chase their Strava times we're happy, but we won't leave anyone behind.  We offer guided rides, but don't expect Mark to be tearing the legs off anyone!  Groups have the choice of riding fast alone, or at strategic places we can regroup.  All rides whether accompanied or not, will have detailed itineraries and no chance of riders getting lost!

The routes are usually about 100km per day, quite often less, and occasionally more, but it is really down to the riders with plenty of opportunity for photo breaks and coffees.

There are plenty of opportunities for climbing with some cols within 20km topping 1500m.  In fact if you want to try and beat the Cycle San Remo Challenge of 4000m of climbing in one day then it can be arranged. We can tackle the famous Poggio from the doorstep of the hotel, take in the Cipressa, or head out to Monaco and climb La Turbie or the Madone.

There is a back up service in case of emergencies, but a following car is not part of the holiday.

If your interested in finding out more information or booking please use the form below to coThere intact us or email us.



507 Corso Giuseppe Mazzini
Molini di Triora, 18010 (IM) 50718038 Sanremo, Italy
(0039) 340 959 0720(Mark Italy)

Feel free to email me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.